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Restore Compassion

Restore Professionalism

Restore Stability

Coroner Barron has passed the test of time

Fellow citizens, it is time for Lexington County to have a coroner with the experience, judgement and professionalism to run the effective coroner's office that our great county deserves.

​Your hard-earned tax dollars are spent to ensure you have the best services available in the coroner's office. Unfortunately, the people of Lexington County cannot trust the current leadership. I have served as a county coroner for 22 years and I have been elected by my peers to be president of the South Carolina Coroners' Association seven times. I am more than ready to take over the duties of Lexington County Coroner.

I ask that you join my campaign for a better coroner's office by doing three things:

1 - Vote for Frank Barron on Tuesday, November 8th (vote in the race for coroner individually rather than voting straight party).

2- Do anything you can to help the campaign whether it is by volunteering, donating or helping in other ways by visiting our "contact and donate" page.

3- Spread the word by sharing our Facebook page and